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Substitute for negatives?

Hey all. I’ve just started Ian King’s 12 week Bring on the Pain series - both upper and lower body. My question is this: in phase three of the upper body routine, King includes negative bench presses. Since I train without a partner, I’m looking for a substitute exercise. I was thinking partial benches in a rack. Do you think that’d be a good substitute? If not, what do you think I should use? Thanks for any and all input!

You might try supra-maximal isometric holds or quarter reps or better yet, depending on your strength levels, you might try negative accentuated one arm pushups.

Try weighted pushups. Lie on your stomach and try to put a plat on your back or have someone else put the plate on (10,25,35,45lb??? I don’t know what your strength levels are). Do the actual push-up part from your knees then do the negative descent in the full push-up position. Another option would be weighted dips where you use your legs to stand up but do the negative portion like normal.

Use a chest press machine, seated row machine, etc. . . lift with two limbs but lower with one. Do all of one side . .then do all of the other side.
Good luck
Mike :wink: