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Substitute for Military Press?


I’m wanting to know what exercise I could substitute for the military press on the 4th day of my 531 workout.

Previously I have been doing a 4 day program (squat, bench, deadlift, military press)

However, I seem to be aggravating an old shoulder injury when I do heavy military press sessions and I feel it’s just a matter of time until I hurt it again as I’m compensating for the weakness by using shitty form.

Is it ok to replace this military press day? And if so what should I change it to?

Another bench day?


inclines as high as you stand with out hurting anything

Just do the press instead.

Hi jim, do you mean just a standard bench press?

As long as your 1 RM and your TM are based off what you can do with good form I don’t see why you can’t just keep the press. You said yourself, you run into problems when you start using shitty form… don’t do that. That being said, without actually knowing what is wrong with your shoulder, it is impossible for anyone to really recommend what exercises you should or should not be doing.

What I’m trying to say is that due to an injury I obtained in a car crash last year I don’t have full mobility or strength when pressing overhead. Strength is there but the shoulder is unstable. I’ve been attending a physiotherapist over the last year to help rehabilitate this injury and whilst it’s definitely improved mobility, I still have the instability when pressig heavy weights.

I don’t have any problem with flat or slight incline bench though

All my other 3 lifts (bench, squat and deadlift) are going great so I just don’t want to halt my progress by injuring myself doing overhead presses.


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If you are worried about injuring yourself with the OHP then I think an incline press (at whatever angle feels safe to you) would be a reasonable alternative.

I noticed awhile ago that my close grip bench press was nearly identical and that the two generally correlated = they move up and down together. In overall weight my close grip has jumped out in front - I went to doing just close grips for awhile because of time - but they still move together. Right now I do them both on the same day with some lats and JM presses. Things are moving nicely so far. Try the close grip as a substitute - FYI: @ SKman - every time I give inclines a try I tweak my shoulder so I stopped. Strangely enough I have never injured myself doing regular benching.

You can try the swiss bar. My shoulder is fucked. Only bar work I can do without pain and irritation is swiss bar OHP and swiss bar incline press. Can’t even do DBs. I do some weighted push-ups from rings too. I can do those with zero discomfort, but it’s been hard to load them for anything but volume work.