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Substitute for Glute Ham Raise?


So i'm doing 5/3/1, buy I work out in a crappy manhattan gym with absolutely no room. The lat machine sucks, and my ankles can't fit (tried it). Since there are no ways to the the GHR, what would a good substitute be?


have a friend hold your ankles and do a natural ghr. or find a lot of weights to stick your ankle under, or some ledge of some kind. if not i guess find other exercises like rdl's or single leg deadlifts?


Why does it seem like everyone is suddenly afraid to do leg curls?


Vid to give you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44DAxF6bneY


if you are deadlifting on that day, then do machine hamstring curls

if your squatting on that day, do RDLs...


Reverse Hyperextensions.Can be done off the table.


stiff legged deads, lunges... also work hammies really well


Lat machine.

Face the wrong way knelling on the seat. Put you ankles under support (normally goes above your knees)

Works for me.


Winner for only reading the thread title and not the first post :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though a lying ham curl is going to be the one of the closest approximations the angles at the knee and the waist in a GHR, if that's what you're going for. A glute bridge or hip thrust might also work. Without being picky though any of the above suggestions for substitutes should be fine, just pick what work best for you.


Haha, yeah read first, post later!


try leg curls with a slight lift of the leg/flex of the glute