Substitute for Ephedrine

Hey all,

I want to stop taking Ephedrine completely.

Any recommendations on what I can take instead??



Hi, Shmigelz. Are you looking for the lift/kick ephedrine gives you before you work out, or are you looking for the fat burning, anoretic benefits?

For fat burning, I’d recommend Hot Rox. For mental focus, I’d recommend a single or possibly double dose of PowerDrive (mixed with club soda).

why do you need to take anything?
are you dieting or just addicted to the shit?
if you’re dieting give the HotRox a bash…

What’s PowerDrive like in comparison to an ephedra kick?

I workout at 5am, so waking up at 4:30, I need something to get the fire burning hot and quick. I usually take my first dose of ephedra at about 4:45am to get me ready for the gym. Otherwise I’m just useless. Ya, I’m a junkie, but it gets me there.

PowerDrive will work even better with ClubSoda, and it’s a good kick, but it’s more a mental focus than physical energy kick, nothing like ephedra where you’re shaking and can’t think, I like PD w ClubSoda, and a few caffeine tabs pre-workout.

I train very early also. I have found that a drink called efs25 (yerba mate’ and caffeine) with a shot of powerdrive really cranks me up and keeps me fucused as well. No jitters either!

If you are addicted to ephedrine, you probably won’t notice anything when taking Powerdrive. It’s just too subtle.


Im probably addicted to it. I do take it to workout all the time :slight_smile:

i used powerdrive
it doesnt get me “Amped” like ephedrine but the mental clarity is awesome, u WILL lose all foginess and tiredness

Get some Clen…that will get you “AMPED”