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Substitute For Dumbell Rows


Hello everyone,

What would be a good substitute for dumbell rows? at my school gym (college) the dumbells only go up to 100lbs. and I can easily do that for 10 reps. What would be an alternative single arm row? Thanks.



Are you doing Bent rows and T-bar Rows already?


Hint hint: Any other exercise that end in "row".


turkish get-up, bent row, or weighted wide-grip pull-ups


I'm doing the bent rows...We actually don't have a T-Bar setup. I also do barbell rows which help. But I'm looking for a single arm alternative.


I do wide-grip pullups already. Right now my back phase is as follows (changes every 2 weeks):

4x8 Wide Chinups
3x8 Dumbell Row
3x8 Underhand Grip Pulldown
3x8 Barbell Shrug

I also do biceps on this day.

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I don't know what the hell its called, but the one where you put one end of the barbell in the corner and load up the other end with plates. straddle it and do one armed rows that way.


I think that's a variation of the T-bar row...I'll give it a try my next back day.


do 1 arm barbell rows. i dont do 1 arm dumbell rows, only one arm barbell rows. dont get frustrated at first with the balance issues, you have to adapt and find a way to balance it.


or just fuck dumbells and put more weight on one side of the barbell at a time. its more convenient and you get to use more weight.


This is what I am going to do on my next back day.


yeah man but you gotta invest a little more concentration on your weak side to be able to bring it up at the same rate as the other side. If feels really good after a set to feel your WEAKER side actually more sore.


While I was in the gym this morning I was looking around and also came up with this as an option.

You could do a single arm bent cable row. It would be a similar motion, but using the cable machine would probably be easier because your grip wouldn't be as worked as much.


Btw I've also found pullovers to be good for the lats.


This article should give you plenty of ideas:


Stay strong



Try the one arm cable rows or one arm lat pulldowns with an arched back.


Thanks for all of the reccomendations. There are many suitable replacements for the dumbell row until I get back to my home gym for spring break and summer.