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Substitute for Dips?


I started doing German Volume Training as of the past monday. I have gotten very sore in each body part after every workout except for my triceps. The protocol is 10x10 dips at a 4 0 2 tempo. I can't do 100 body weight dips so I did them on the Nuatilus Nitro machine.

I tried to keep my body as vertical as possible to isolate my triceps as much as I can, and I really felt my triceps working during the workout, but I woke up this morning with no soreness at all.
Do you think i should keep doing the dips or is there another lift that could be just as effective?


add weight


wouldn't it be decrease weight that is on the machine?


Why do you want to be sore? The only time my tris get sore is from a movement that really stretches them like PJR pullovers or standing overhead rope extentions.


I just believe that the more sore I am, the more my muscle will grow as long as I eat enough.

The incline hammer curls 10x10 402 tempo DESTROYED my biceps.


Maybe you should focus more on progression of the weights.

Possbilty try other lifts (ie floor presses)


Not necessarily.

As for the program, I'd stick with it as it is laid out. Give it a few weeks and then evaluate.


Not disagreeing with what you're saying, but the OP here has only been at it since Monday. Judging by his other thread on Waterbury's programs, he seems to be jumping all over the place with ideas for programs, switching things up constantly, concentrating more on what he is not doing at the moment than what he actually is doing.

In my opinion, that is the main reason he isn't progressing as desired.


get rid of the machine dips and do it the proper way and then add a 45lb plate to your weight belt.


The would my impossible at my prescribed set/rep/tempo scheme


There is a huge flaw in that line of thinking.

Getting sore is an indication of muscle stimulation but there is no way you can say that the amount of muscle growth is proportional to muscle soreness. It's simply not the case.


Warren dips with plates hooked to your belt? Those, IMO, work the chest more though.


Keep progressing at it and wait for at least 3 weeks, assuming you'll progress on your loads and eat enough for recovery.

If your triceps are still the same that when you started modify.

I'm not saying that you'll make a mistake, but it's a good idea not to see you posting next week the HSS-100, and then 2 weeks after seeing no gains another CW program.

Before I found this site I didn't progress too much. I even had a nickname for going with some big dude a week and training with him, and then the next one doing other shit. From my experience, definitely not a good idea.

Growing_Boy hardcore hasta la muerte verdad cabrón? LOL. Branch Warren es de lo más pinche hardcore que se puede encontrar hoy en día. Pero si el cinturón no es de cadenas oxidadas no sirve.