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Substitute for Casein Shakes?

With the goal of gaining mass, I’ve been taking Ceasin shakes (CNP Pro Peptide) right before bed for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I usually have 20g mixed with 450ml of water on training days only. Problem is, it tastes absolutely vile, it’s a bitch to mix, it’s expensive and worst of all it seems to give me really bad stomach cramps! Just wondering if there was a whole food substitute I could have just before bed which would do the same job as Ceasin.

I’ve heard cottage cheese is the best whole-food source of Ceasin and 250g provides around 250kcal and 30g protein. The stats look good but does it have the same slow-digesting qualities of Ceasin powder? Are there any other good Ceasin sources or should I try another brand of shake?


ON 100% casein tastes good, and mixes well if you throw in a couple ice cubes and shake for 45 seconds or so.

Banana is the best flavour, followed by chocolate and then vanilla. They have a new flavour (cookies and cream) which I am going to check out in a few weeks.

Casein is found in cottage cheese, and yes it makes a good pre-bed meal.

For powders, nothing beats this:

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein is my personal favorite. The flavor is pretty good. I like to throw it in the blender with a Tbsp or two of natural peanut butter or almond butter and a dash of cinnamon.

Thanks for the alternative shake suggestions guys. Thing is I’m in the UK and there’s a different range of brands on offer here. I don’t know if anyone has tried BSN Syntha-6 but it seems to be similar to Metabolic Drive in that it contains Whey and Caesin - bodyshapersfitness.com/prodView.asp?idproduct=

So am I?

If you can afford it, try the supplements from here.

Otherwise, I would give myprotein.co.uk a shot.

My first recommendation would be Metabolic Drive, as it is superior to pretty much everything else out there. But if you can’t get it, some other good options are:

CytoSport EVO Pro
ISS Micellar Matrix

i use 100% casein from ON. i like it and i think it is really good tasting too. i just use a little bit more water and shake it for a bit longer. but tonight im going to use a blender with some ice.

BTW: how does the cookies and cream taste? i bought the 5lb. ON 100% whey cookies and cream flavor and couldnt stand the taste. i ended up giving up the whole tub to my cousin.

reflex Micellar Casein is an OK alternative a cheaper than Pro- peptide.

I actually use pro peptide during the day and the micellar casein at night both of them are good quality products.

Affordablesupplements.co.uk stock both proteins at reasonable prices