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Substitute Exercises


Well, since I hurt my groin I can't do Squats, Power Cleans, Deadlifts or any exercises similar (i'm cutting them out for at least this week - i'll see how the groin is next week), I was wondering if ya'll had any ideas on what to replace them with?

I don't mean for the same muscles, but maybe focus on something else until it's healed?

Aside from those exercises i'm already doing:
High Pulls, GM's, Calf Raises, Lying Tricep Extensions, Dumbell Press, Incline Dumbell Press, HyperExtensions, Sit-ups and Dips (the last three are both weighted and regular, depending on the day).

I was thinking about maybe adding shrugs in there? Or would a Military Press be good to add?

I don't really know any other exercises, so any hints would be great.

Thanks, ya'll.




Check out any one of the "Exercises You've Never Tried" articles. One was just published a couple days ago. A great place to start if you're looking for something new.



We don't have a GHR machine (which is ridiculous, I should tell them to get one) ... I didn't even think about checking out that thread and I just read it the other day. lol

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Chinups or Rope climbs
One arm dumbell row
One arm Overhead Press
Handstand Pushups
Plyometric Pushup work



Feel free to correct me, but aren't your groin muscles used anytime you bend at the hip? Are GMs, GHRs and bridges a good idea? How bad is your injury?