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Substitute Exercises for Huge in a Hurry

My lat pull down machine at home doesn’t allow Cable Standing Mid-pulley Row. What can I do instead for Get Ready workout A on page 102

You could sub any type of row I would think. You will still hit the same main muscles, but not get the balance portion that Chad talks about in the book.

1 arm row would be an option, but you would be very stable.
Bent over row would be a better choice just because you have to balance the weight and your body, but still not a great option.

If you have bands, check out these 3 links, you could rig something up pretty easy with just your lat pulldown bar and the bands.

The only drawback to this is progression. Tension will be harder to judge and you will be relying on feel. However, with that, you could always just try to take an extra step from the band choke point to get extra tension, but with trial and error, it isn’t too hard to figure out a system that works for you.

Thanks for that.