Substitute Exercise for Back Extensions

My gym doesn’t have one of those back extension machines where you lock your legs in and then you do your back extensions.

It’s a required exercise in the program I’m going to be following, so does anyone have any suggestions for a substitute?

I could “probably” do these laying on swiss ball I guess (if I have to).

What program are you following, what’s your goal in doing the exercise, and what set/rep scheme do you plan on using?

You could probably just do them on a Swiss ball, or reverse hypers on a swiss ball, good mornings, the superman/cobra, waiter’s bow, Romanian deadlifts, cable pull-throughs, two-arm dumbbell swings… depending on what you’re trying to do, there are a few options.

What about lying across the bench and asking somebody to hold your ankles??

[quote]thorax wrote:
What about lying across the bench and asking somebody to hold your ankles??[/quote]

Could also lock your feet on a smith machine.

I’m just coming off doing some German Volume Training (GVT) routines and will be starting next week on CT’s “Get Jacked” program.

The Smith Machine sounds like a winner to me! That’s a great suggestion, thanks! We actually have a high bench in the gym here at work that would work with the Smith Machine perfectly!

I had visions of having to strap on some lululemon spandex wear with a “salmon” colored tank saying “girl power” on it and walk over to the swiss ball/yoga area, listen to the tranquil music and bang these out there.


Ahem, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

he he he