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Substances that Inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase Harmful?

I’ve heard horror stories about people who took finastride and ended up with permanent or long term side effects. I don’t take finastride but I’ve taken DIM and it can inhibit 5-alpha reductase according to this article. So I’m wondering if I should keep taking it or not. I took 1200mg in 3 days and here is what I noticed:

My acne cleared out.
My beard growth slowed down (This is a big bonus for me.)
My skin quality improved.
I lost a little of my chest hair.
My ED caused by a high E2 got slightly better.

These all sound good but I’m afraid if I take it regularly it may decrease my DHT through its 5-alpha reductase inhibiting role.

I was scanning some older forums and I saw one where a guy had taken large doses of DIM for a few months. He ended up with libido issues that lasted a while too. He was taking like twice the allowed dosage though, and consistently.

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