Subsitute Exercises

I have a home gym. I’ve got a power rack, oly bar with weights, a plate loaded pull down/row, machine and power blocks. I could do almost any exercise but often I have to subsitute one exercise for another due to lack of equipment. Here’s my common subsitutions:
leg press = front squat,
leg extensions = weighted step-ups on a decline bench.
leg curls = ham pull thrus, single leg curl with swiss ball,
haque squats = barbell haque squats,
Seated calf raises = load up the ez curl bar and place on knees.

Do you guys have any subsitute exercises?

i would go arched back good mornings or romanian deadlifts for your hams; rounded back good mornings for your posterior chain. be glad you can’t do leg extensions. basiclaly useless anyway.

Sounds like you have it covered, but I wonder why you feel the need for hack squats when you’re doing front squats. With the low pulley you could do standing leg curls.

I do Romanian DL and good mornings, but if I’m following a program ala Ian King’s or Growth Surge and they prescribe aspecific exercise ie: leg extensions I’ll substitute decline bench step ups. usually these movements are part of a pre-fatigue sequence and squats or good mornings, etc are included in the program. For example the mass stage of the growth surge program calls for DL’s followed by good mornings, then a strip set of leg curls. . .I substitute ham pull thurs for the leg curls. I guess thats what I was trying to get at in my original post.