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Subsequent Cycle Dosages

If i ran a first test enth cycle of 500mg per week and made good gains would it be possible to run an identical cycle again of 500mg per week for the second cycle?
I was wondering if the same cycle would become ineffective or could i keep gaining without adding more compounds or increasing the test dosage?

has anyone ever got good gains from running the same cycle more than once or does every cycle need to be bigger than the last one?

of course it would work a second time stupid. do some learning on your own before u get flamed.

Yes you would still see gains, although it may not be as dramatic as the first time.

Of course, the first go-around could reap valuable lessons which could then be used to make the second cycle just as good as the first. That was kind of a run-on, but I hope it made sense.

[quote]Dave1188 wrote:
of course it would work a second time stupid. do some learning on your own before u get flamed.[/quote]

the question was aimed at people who have some knowledge of aas,not the fuckwit who thought it was a good idea to run orals for 8 weeks and was told not to do it cause its a dumbfuck idea and went ahead and done it anyway,ring any bells u fucking retard??

To answer the OP, yes I ran near identical cycles back to back and also a third with the same compounds where I raised the doses. No law says you have to raise the levels most guys do simply chasing being bigger faster stronger. My personal results were similar with all three cycles quite frankly.

I imagine that the amount of time taken off between cycles would have a significant impact on the efficacy of subsequent same dose cycles.

If you’ve been off for a few months or more and your receptors are fresh, I can’t see why an increase in dose would be required to achieve decent results.