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Subscription to TMag in England

Has anyone in england subscribed to Tmag? Or is there anywhere that you can pick up a copy in London? Oh and I want a copy of Ian Kings ‘Get Buffed’ but the postal charges are the same price as the book, ie. sent from the US…Sadly amazon don’t carry it (their postal charges are more sensible!).Do Any outlets in the UK sell it?

Sadly I have had no luck either.
There is supposed to be a distributor for the bio-test products but every time I try and order T- shirts etc I have no response from the company concerned.

I have tried getting Ian Kings book also, without success… I mailed the english biotest site but they said they didn’t stock it due to lack of demand…

If you go to www.biotest.co.uk they do have the magazine with a free t-shirt but you have to email for prices…

Out of interest, where do you guys live…?? I’m from the South West near Bath…


From Birmingham.