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Subscription Site?

Just thinking out loud, but I see we’re going in the direction of selling ebooks from the coaches on this site. I think it’s a cool idea, but maybe has longer legs. Is there any thought to putting those programs behind a subscription or app version of the site? That would filter the support for those programs to the coaches so it’s prioritizing who actually bought it; not to mention you’re less likely to have folks on there for the sole purpose of counter-detailing a method. I think you’d get a little more reach, too, as folks would pay the subscription for the one author they already like, but then get exposed to others’ work (my guess is most of us are too stuck in our ways to seek out work we don’t know/ like - so that’s probably 2/3 of the opportunity we could potentially be missing).

I know you don’t need my opinion on your infrastructure or model, but just a thought.

Pretty sure 2/3 of the coaches here already have paid sites. I’m not sure about Ellington Darden, I’m not really familiar enough with him to know.

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I agree with that, but they’re still selling content and answering questions here. Subscriptions (especially in the steal IP era we live in) tend to offer a little more predictable revenue for the business; the coach’s cost likely doesn’t change.

And I’m just spitballing

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