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Subscapularis Tear. Need MRI Expertise

This is a continuation of this thread that i posted 3-4 months ago about what in complete bewilderness and lack of knowledge thought was a front delt strain turned out to what I now believe is a partial thickness subscap tear.

Finally gotten an MRI scan of the shoulder, only to find my doc aswell as physio took their yearly 4 weeks of summervacation same week i finally got my MRI requisition. (FFFUUUUUUU!)

So im hoping theres someone among you with a keen eye for spotting tears off an MRI scan.
I have attached what i believe is the primary shot of my subscapularis tear. TASFAT Axial T1 image 6. I have also attached the complete archieve of the MRI scan. All the images had gibberish DICOM signatures so i had to rename them to their correct order by hand so there might be 1 or 2 naming mistakes there.

The first series of pics have been taken twice due to movements. Due to that Axial and Coronal T2 scans is merged in same folder.


It’s gone 5 months now and i still havent gotten any better the last 3 months. Full range of motion is established long gone, and i have 90% of my former strength in floor press. At this point i have not yet gotten a single straight answer out of any medical authority over what kind of expectancy of recovery or what to avoid or what to do or not to do, so I have stuck with 3 sets of suspended pushups + cable internal/external rotation rehab twice a week with light band pullaparts several times daily. For leg work ive cut out squats and stuck to only lifting that does not involve active dynamic time under tension. E.g. light deadlifts even seems to help. leg sessions of non arm involving leg work as per physios advice. Ive stopped doing anything that hurts ages ago, and regardless if i take a week off or not theres subtle pinching/burning that always flares up if i try to perform the gerber-liftoff test behind back to benchmark recovery process.

I have regained most of my strength in pressing by suspended pushups, but cannot really do any kind of pressing yet that involves unsuspended stabilization of scapula, e.g. any kind of benched pressing work. E.g. retracting the scapula back which puts the subscap in an elongated stretch for contraction.

It seems that the primary thing that determines recovery at this point seems to relate to what position ive slept in. If I rolled over lying on the hurt shoulder at sleep, day after will be more sore. If I manage to not roll over and sleep on that shoulder, its usually feels better.

Ive tried icing, daily highrep band pullaparts, contrast showers etc, ball-rolling the back of RC nothing of which seems to do jack squat. HALP!

Finally got the MRI-judgement back from radiology lab.
Turns out both the doc and physio and me were wrong about subscap.
Sadly theyre all still on vacation.

It turned out to be a Light grade AC Joint Arthrose.

What do i do about this?
Is there anything i can do to rehab this away?