Subscapularis Impingement and Weak Lower Lats

3 years ago, I suffered an injury in my right shoulder. The pain radiated pretty much all over my shoulder blade and into my armpit area.
I’ve gone in to see a physical therapist and chiropractor and both said it was an impingement (chiropractor said specifically a subscapular impingement).
I wasn’t given much advice on what to do but now, 3 years later, I don’t have a lot of pain, just an occasion feeling of inflammation or a tight, pinching feeling in the middle of the right shoulder blade and into the right armpit/lower lat.

Pushing presses are kind of a no go still at this point. Some rows feel okay - normally during the movement it irritates my shoulder but afterwards it really helps with the inflamed feeling.

But I could use some advice from someone who has gone through something similar.
What do I need to work on most? Increasing strength? Or my mobility?
I’ve tried band pull aparts, external rotations, scapular pushups, serratus anterior activation drills… but I never know what I should stick with or what is actually working.

Have you tried hanging from a bar? Dan John is a big proponent of this activity. Says it helps with so many shoulder ailments. If you are new to it, merely taking some weight off your feet will suffice.
This as well.

The lats and the subscap are both internal rotators, so there should be some carryover. I would also work on throracic rotation in sidelying, with the hand of the affected side behind the head (more external rotaion).