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Subsacpularis Pull-Ups & Arm-Wrestling

As the subscapularis is an internal rotator , does this mean subscapularis pull-ups will help my arm wrestling? :smiley:
Thanks, Vlad

If I’m thinking of the same exercise as you, then they probably wouldn’t hurt to incoporate into your routine somewhere along the way. I’d also look into wrist-kiss pull-ups. Basically, take a normal, pronated grip, but instead of pulling straight up the middle, pull yourself on a sort of diagonal, so that at the top, you’re chin is next to your wrist/hand. Alternate sides each rep. It’s almost, sort of, kind of a 1-arm pull-up…but it isn’t. :wink:

Remember, though, that muscle imbalances can be just as limiting as muscle weakness, so include an adequate amount of external rotation-type movements as well.