SubQ vs IM: What's the Best?

So what’s everyone’s preference and experiences with the two injection types?

I’ve tried both, personally SUBQ made me crash and feel awful and I even shoot HCG IM but interesting to hear others experiences and preferences.

Also anyone any labs to compare?

IM. Close thread


I feel perfectly fine on sub q. 22mg daily and no issues here.

Why be so definitive and say close the thread?

I really think it’s all individual. A person needs to try both and see what works best for them. No one can say how someone will feel based on their experiences, it’s all personal.

There’s not much difference between the two. I personally feel that I feel more like I’m on testosterone when on IM but the whole point of sub-q is to act like an extended release form of the drug so you’re levels are constant therfore you don’t feel differently throughout the day by design.

Just having some fun. I knew the thread wasn’t going to actually close just bc I said so haha

I just switched from SQ to IM around 3 weeks ago. So far not much difference overall, but it seems that I notice my peak (peak libido) about 24 hours after injections rather than 36-48 hours with SQ. And, IM in the delts is the least painful.

I’ve got a really dumb question…but as my Dad uses to tell me…there are no dumb questions…only dumb people that ask questions…

Does administering in the delts cause greater delt growth?

Negative. Although mine have grown quite a bit since I started delt injections but that’s because I hit those bitches hard in the gym.

If it did people would be doing the penile injections.