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SubQ vs IM Shots


Started TRT a few days ago. My protocol is 250 mg every 2 weeks which is not ideal but the Test E comes in preloaded 1 ml amps.

I have decided to do half an ampule every 7 days for now til I figure out a system to do 2 x weekly shots.

So I shot roughly 125 mg of Test E 4 days ago SubQ.

I dont feel any effects from it good nor bad. Is this a case of Test E needing to ramp up at the start or should I do my next shot IM

I would definitely prefer to stay on SubQ but so far cant notice it



It could be months before you notice anything.


The enanthate ester takes a while to be cleaved off ny your bodys enzymes .normally it wiil tale 2 or more weeks tp notice gains .as to sub q or intermuscular I m pretty sure i.m. is a better alternative.


SubQ is better. You’re injecting for life on TRT so the least damage you can do to your body the better. SubQ will create the least damage and wont cause scar tissue build up that you’d get injecting into the muscle so often.

SubQ is also thought to have slower absorption and thus, lower E2 levels, though this isn’t the main reason I’d recommend it.

OP - You’ll have to wait months to really know if it’s working. It doesn’t work that quickly. You also need regular blood tests to assure that your levels are good.


I’ve really enjoyed the time folks put into providing information to help others. Here’s a very nice summary of temporal variation of serum testosterone levels using weekly subQ injections:

See Figs. 1 and 2. You can see the mean variation is minimal over 7 days (individual variability shown in Fig. 2). Injecting twice per week would smooth this out further.