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SubQ vs IM: Pros and Cons of Each? What Do You Do?

What is your method and why?

  • I do subq
  • I do IM

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Sub Q is just as effective, possibly more effective according to a couple of things that I have read. It’s easier, and is painless.


Did Sub Q for a very long time, realized it kept my FT too low. I have high SHBG.

I might as well be injecting water doing sub Q.

Why does sub Q not increase FT where IM would?

Im increased my ft nicely still not above range. …but gave me water retention in belly.

Going back to Subq appears to have fixed that problem

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I do IM. I tried sub q but since my body fat is low I was limited to injecting a small area around my naval and that irritated me when my belt rubbed against the injection site. Also for me I didn’t feel I absorbed my test as well doing sub q. Now that just may have been in my head but I didn’t feel as well.

I take one cc, so sq isn’t an option. IM hip is painless, 23g, 1in needle, alternate weeks.

I do know some who did not absorb well with one inch needles, had to go with 1.5s. They are big (overweight) guys, therefore it stands to reason some may not absorb sq well. But, the labs will bear that out one way or the other.

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