Subq vs IM Injections

Hi all. I’ve been on TRT for 4 years now. I started with subq shots, twice a week on the basis that I was told it “slowed the release” and smoothed out peaks giving less of an aromatisation response. I never pinned more that 0,5ml at a time but it was hit and miss in terms of pain, swelling, lumps etc. sometimes no problem, sometimes lumps lasted for days. I’ve been back to IM in the glutes and ventroglutes for some time and far prefer that. How I feel is extremely subjective but if asked, I feel “better” with IM.
Recently though, I’ve been reading that aromatisation of T into E2 occurs more in adipose tissue. If that’s the case then surely injecting subq into belly fat would induce more aromatisation? Has anyone got any information or clarity on this? I know a lot of guys do subq and wonder if it raises E2 unnecessarily?

You probably do, assuming you ave labs with both. What were your levels (testosterone and estradiol) with the subq and IM protocols?

My T to E2 levels were almost exact between sub-q & IM. Levels were a bit lower on IM but the ratio stayed the same. I too feel better on IM vs sub-q.

I personally prefer using delts with insulin syringes vs injecting in the legs.

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This was the case for me, I injected into fat tissue and clearly had problems with aromatisation and was noticeable after only the first injection on a daily protocol and had felt as though I skipped injections days later.

There are no absolutes in the TRT world, if someone is saying SQ produces less aromatisation, I would be weary of accepting advice from this person in the future.

I thought I read something recently that stated just the opposite. I’ll have to look for it.

In theory adipose tissue has more aromatase in it. However, T doesn’t cleve off the ester until it hits the bloodstream, and aromatase can’t latch on to the esterified T.

I have no explanation for SL’s issues but he seems to defy description a lot (not a cut so don’t take it that well bud! Just a comment that you’re a known “outlier”)


I think it has something to do with me feeling the effects of the injection within minutes, I’ve heard DR. Saya mention men who experience immediately benefits have a particular gene that enables us to feel the effect of the test immediately.

I’m definity an outlier, I’ve only been on my EOD protocol for a week and already my muscles are much harder.

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@systemlord you should just inject that extra 1mg of T to make your numbers jump! I personally dont think that you can calculate 49mgs exactly. Subq has crossed my mind, but I prefer to go straight to muscle. Why mess around?

Glad you’re doing well back on the TRT, bro. Yep, I definitely don’t react like that but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now too. Haven’t been in a rush to go get more numbers to chase as I’d rather feel like this for a while than throw things off track for a while. The doc will have me getting bloods again soon so we’ll see then.

I keep a spreadsheet showing all my blood results, problem is I was using Adex at some points as well as cruising with masteron and certain other products at some stages. So I don’t have a clear apples to apples record. I far prefer IM and wouldn’t go back, it’s just been something that I thought might be of interest to guys doing sq.

Ahhhh thank you. That makes sense. I’ve seen papers showing that obese men have more E2 due to higher aromatisation, how would that fit in yo the picture if at all?

How was the masteron treating you? Any noticeable difference?

Absolutely. I really enjoy masteron around 300mg/week. I just find the last couple weeks I have noticeable irritability. I wouldn’t exactly call it aggressive but close. It really leans me up

I tried increasing to 9mg and the skin conditions worsened just like the last time (rashes/red dry skin) and started feeling strange unlike I have ever felt. I switched to the EOD and right away those symptoms were gone within 12 hours and have injected 20mg EOD 5 times now surpassing the time I was on the daily protocol with absolutely no issues.

I actually was able to get the plunger between the 3.5 mark (10 units per .10ml) every time using my magnifying glass.

SQ was horrible for me, it felt like the entire shot converted straight over to estrogen, I was feeling like my brain was in a stupor for hours and felt like the time in my youth when I was smoking weed and drinking canadian whiskey on two occasions.

Look at my before TRT pics (32% body fat) vs 1 year post TRT (18% maybe?) in the TRT Credentials Thread. Initially I felt like total crap on TRT at the same dose I currently take. I dropped to 100mg, lost body fat at the same time I worked back up on dose. Having high body fat is going to make TRT tricky to dial in. I’m not sure someone can feel ideal if they are much over 20% bf. Maybe they can but I found it hard. I definitely have a completely different experience (more positive) when I’m leaner.

I’ve seen them. Very impressive recomp. It takes a lot, not only Test to achieve that so hats off to you. And yes I believe that having high BF makes TRT much more difficult to dial in.

There are studies that that @johann77 has posted according to which in many people sub-w aromatizes less due to prolonged half life and this makes sense. We know aromatization is more when there is a bigger spike

This ^^^^

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Where do you inject shallow IM?

I do delts because it’s the easiest place to inject and have zero issues ever. A 28-30g 1/2 inch needle works perfectly and you can’t even feel it.