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SubQ Test Suspension TRT


I'm considering a TRT protocol using test suspension and daily subQ injects. The main reasons for trying this protocol are:

 attempt to mimic normal pulsatile nature of test production with a morning peak  and a night-time trough

 don't like IM injections as I've had issues with post injection soreness that has resisted        all attempts at resolving

I figured morning injects with 25 - 30 mg of test suspension daily would do a reasonable job of somewhat mimicking the normal pattern of testosterone production. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of protocol? I know some guys are doing multiple subQ shots per week with the longer acting esters, but I have not heard of anyone doing this. Thoughts?


I do not know if you can find a pharmaceutical T suspension to be prescribed. T suspension is very painful as IM. So do not assume that it is pain free SC.

Have you tried the injected T SC/SQ?

How are you doing IM injections?
T dose
100mg/ml or 200mg/ml
how often injected
where injected
what syringe
what needle

Have you read the protocol for injections sticky?


I read the sticky, but have not done any subQ test injects. I have done subQ injects of peptides, insulin, etc... so i'm familiar with it. I have not done any low dose TRT IM injects. I've cycled several times and did test prop and cyp.

Both were 2-3 cc injections and were almost invariably painful. I realize that smaller injects @ 200 mg/ml might not be painful, but, as I stated, I'm interested in this protocol for reasons other than the post injection pain from IM injects. There may be benefits to mimicking the circadian pattern of test production.