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SubQ Test Cyp


I have read the information splitting Test Cyp (take weekly dose and dive by 2). I have also read about subQ injections. Question: Is the subQ route done with a water based or oil based Test Cyp? If oil based, it would seem that a larger gauge needle would be required for drawing out the liquid and a small insulin needled for injection. I understand how to do this.

Is this the correct approach?

Second question: what concentration is best for this approach? Am I aiming for SubQ injections of .5cc at a time with oil based two times/week so that 1cc per week gets me my full weekly dose?

The reason I ask is twofold. I have 25 stents and am on Plavix so IM injections can cause scar tissue buidup. Secondly, the gels are causing my DHT to shoot up so high that I am having intractable acne problems. Me derm is telling me I need a 3 month cycle of doxycycline. My doctor is saying no way. The derm is telling me if this does not work then it's time for the big gun: accutane. I don't even want to go there.

My DHT is 200, top range is 85.

I have had great success with DHEA oil injections I did as a test. Would love to do that IM, but need a higher concentration. T about doubled on DHEA 25mg EOD. I hear there are higher concentration that 25mg/cc that are water based but can't find a good pharmacy that provides this. Anybody have any suggestions?



Don't worry about needle gage with oil it just takes longer to fill. I use 1/2 needle and shoot 20 units with insulin syringe 3 time a week. Monday 6 AM, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday night of 200 per ML of test cyp SubQ.

I inject in my thighs alternating left and right legs. Only issue I have is itching the next day. I use "itch relief gel" store brand and it stops with in a minute.


Thanks. What do you mean by 20 units? Is your solution 200mg/mL and you shoot 1cc/week for a total of 200mg/week but do it in 3 even doses (1cc/3)? Or are you stating you do .2cc 3x/week which would be less than 200mg?


I think he means the latter. But its irrelevant

Just get a box of insulin pins and draw into that. I use half inch 30 gauge. These are fine for IM or SC injections. They hold 50 iu. Take slightly longer to load. I just hang the vial upside down in my toothbrush holder before I hop into the shower. Easy


Yes the second one.

Each unit on a syringe is .01 of the liquid or 1 unit. The Testosterone Cypionate I use is 200 milligrams for every milliliter. So each unit is 2 milligrams of testosterone. So by loading the syringe with 20 units I am getting 40 milligrams of testosterone. So with my 3 times a week protocol I am getting 120 milligrams of testosterone a week.

I also use the tooth brush holder because with a small gage needle it take about 1 or 2 minutes to load but is some much easier to inject subcutaneously. The first needle I had was like stabbing me with a javelin.