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SubQ T Cyp Lab Results

Here are my labs from subQ T cyp injections. (Yes subQ)
-52mg T cyp injected every three days
-1/3mg of Adex every three days
-250IU HCG every three days (Labs are without HCG for a week per Dr request.)
Labs were drawn on day of next injection prior to injection.

TT- 872 (range 250-1100)
free T- 140 (range 46-224)
Bio avail T- 306.3 (range 110-575)
Ultra sensitive E2- 21 (range <29)

My experience with it is subQ T cyp is fine if you’re injecting less than .5ml per injection. Use a 29g 1/2 and insert it at a 45 degree angle to avoid any leakage from the injection site. There isn’t any pain at all.

Results for me have been decent in regards to my body. Some nagging problems I had went away. (Heart would beat strange for several seconds occasionally when doing cardio, fatigue, muscle spasms in my abdomen, generally feeling like crap, all of these are history.)

Unfortunately I suffer from depression so libido is zero as is interest in anything else in life. The initial surge in T from starting TRT would always temporarily knock me out of depression but that would fade and I’m back to square one.

I’ve started and stopped treatment a few times and the same thing happened to a lesser degree every time I stopped and started. I’m not sure what to do with that problem yet because I don’t want to go down the antidepressant road. Feel free to give me any suggestions.

Just a note that I’ve already tried every herbal remedy on earth without any results. Zoloft worked but left me mentally crippled at work. (believe it or not Zoloft returned my sexual function!!) Wellbutrin did nothing but give me hot flashes.

I think unless you’ve experienced a clinical depression it’s difficult to understand. I have a depression that makes me completely blank. No emotion at all. No interest in anything at all. Every day I just go through the motions.

It’s been about a 15 year slide to this point. I was wondering if it was the chicken or the egg with my low T and depression. I chose to treat the low T first and now I know that depression is the major player here. Depression itself has been known to totally screw with HPTA function.

Depression I think is a very misleading word for the illness because it’s more than a mood. It effects your whole body.

Anyone here on an antidepressant that doesn’t give them ED? Let me know. At this point I could care less about the other sexual sides.

It may not be the case that this is sub-Q.

Injecting 0.50" without pinching a fold gives a depth of 0.35". That is I think probably shallow intramuscular.

I know that isn’t what you asked but the depression issue is very individualistic. Personally I would try nutritional fixes such as SAMe and TMG, as well as adequate EFA consumption and B vitamins, before going to the pharmaceuticals.

(As these are not herbs, your saying you have tried every herbal doesn’t say that you have tried these.) When the nutritional approaches work, they work very well and without problems, which is less often able to be said about the pharmaceuticals.

It’s subQ. Pinch an inch of skin, inject at a 45 degree angle, then release the skin after removing the needle. Believe me I’ve injected myself enough times to know the difference. The long needle is used at a 45 to inject the T cyp away from the injection site to avoid leakage.

Been down the SamE road. Waste of money. B viatminns zip.

Since you hadn’t mentioned pinching and it’s a vital step in injecting sub-Q with a half-inch needle, that left the possibility you were not doing so it was worth looking at that point.

Especially as the only other reports I’ve had of sub-Q steroid injection were that it was painful, which is entirely different from your result.

So since now it’s clear it wasn’t that you weren’t pinching, I suppose it’s either the low volume you are injecting or maybe the particular formulation of the product you are using vs. formulations others have used. Just an interesting side subject, as you had raised the unusual sub-Q steroid injection subject.

It’s unfortunate that a nutritional approach didn’t work. It is only sometimes (but fairly often actually) that it does, but that does no good for a person who doesn’t prove to be in that group.

I appreciate your input but it just did nothing for me. I think for mild depression there are options.

(subQ T)
In other forums there are several guys doing it and it seemed to work well for them so I decided to give it a go. I’ve done a lot of reading on it and it’s become standard practice in Canada for TRT purposes.

You are correct that subQ is fine at lower doses. I would recommend .5ml or less. Larger doses than that are going to cause a noticeable bump and possibly hurt. The amount I inject causes no pain. Also Dr Shippen has all of his T cyp patients injecting subQ.

I think we all need to keep in mind that this stuff was originally designed to be injected once every three weeks at a high dose. Obviously that would need to be injected IM.

IM is overblown. If you’re injecting split doses per week subQ is perfectly fine. Expect a slight drop in E2 injecting subQ due to a slower release of the T. I can’t confirm this because I started out subQ but others that switched saw a drop in E2 in their labs.

Interesting information, thanks. I had not known that a smaller volume solved the problems reported with 1 mL.