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SubQ Slow to Start?


I've started TRT after years of having symptoms of low T (low libido, ED, fatigue, brain fog) and a blood test showed Total T of 350. According to my doctor everything else like thyroid was fine.

My current regime is 75mg of T cyp injected x2 a week SQ. I know I'm probably being impatient but after 2 weeks I don't feel any different whatsoever. I've read stories of people who feel libido and brain fog improvements within days or even hours of their injection.

I've heard that SQ releases slower than IM so is it just a matter of waiting for levels to build up?


When I started (t-247), took about three weeks for the libido to kick in, brain fog went away in the first couple of days.

Google “androgen receptors”, you might get some insight into the biomechanics of how T is transported into a cell. And some appreciation why there is a “turbo lag” in some situations.

Like many before me, and perhaps in your case, around week two, I was thinking – man, maybe T won’t work for me, maybe I got me some bad gear, maybe something else is F’ed up.

And then come week three, holy crap! I had full-on wood, could have etched glass with it. Libido like you read about in a magazine.

Hang tight bro. I opine, help is right around the corner.


SQ may take a while to get the same effects as IM. I noticed a small drop in how I felt when I made the switch from IM to SQ. You should notice something in the next week or so…