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SubQ Question Concering 200mg/mL test cyp

Switching form Testim gel (DHT gets way too high due to 5-AR skin conversion from T to DHT). Was doing 7.5g per day (5g = 500mg of T with 1% gel). I want to go SubQ test cyp and was able to get a 10mL 100mg/mL bottle and have 25 gauge 1 mL 5/8 syringes coming in the mail. HCT is screaming high at T is at 1000ng/dL, which surprised the hell out of me as this is a gel. I cut back to one tube and T levels dropped to less than 500 ng/dL, so the amount converted is not linear. DHT was 225ng/dL, with high starting at 85. Starting to notice hair thinning from the DHT and PSA increased from 2.2 to 3.3. So I need a smoother ride and am ready to start experimenting again until I get the subQ right.

Going to start with .4mil (40mg) once on Wednesday and once on Saturday and then go from there. However, the pharmacist informed me that any bottle of T should only be kept for 28 days and the FDA just released a warning about keeping it longer, due to bacteria getting into the oil even when great care it taken, because of the number of holes the little bastards can make their way into.

A 10mL bottle is going to last me a long time at .8mL/week, so I’m think when I go up to a higher dose I would go with the 200mg/mL strength mainly for two reasons. One is the one just mentioned, and the other has to do with the fact that nobody sells 100mg/mL test cyp anymore except in the 10Ml bottle. There is 200mg/ml in 1 ml bottles and I can get four of those really cheap.

Now for my question: can one do subQ with 200mg/mL? I would think it would be thicker? Anyone out there used this strength and did it subQ? If so, what gauge needled are you using?


haven’t switched to sub q yet I rotate ventro glute and delts w/ a 27g .5in…however I use the 200mg/ml oil and can say that to travels through that nicely no problem at all. maybe take a minute to fill. I use the 1ml bottles and use it .5/6cc at a time

Yes, not a problem. I use regular insulin needles, but I preload with a big one (18 gauge I think). All mine comes in glass amps, so I preload a bunch of needles at once, no problems with contamination that way.

I think the 28 day shelf life is inaccurate.

I have done subq with 200mg/ml for a long time.

Thanks everyone. The pharmacist fold me about the FDA warning about the 10Ml bottles. The more needle pokes, the more chances for bacteria to get in through the plunger film. 4 1ml bottle of 100mg/ml is better than using one 10ml bottle. That is basically the warning (if one is shooting 1ml/week). Given this makes sense to me, that’s why I asked about subQ 200mg/ml, but using a 25 gauge needle to draw and to inject subQ. I’m thinking the 200mg/ml is likely thicker and could cause more issues, but The_Myth busted that myth. Hey The_Myth, was gauge do you use for subQ 200mg/mL? Thanks.

Pure nonsense, people have been using 10mL vials for months at a time with no problems. We used to do 200mg every 2 weeks and this would last months before we would run out, this is big brother being overly cautious.

There is additives that prevent bacteria from growing inside the vial, this is a ploy all to clamp down and restrict /control prescriptions for TRT. Sometimes organizations (FDA) do things for completely different reasons and it appears to be something else when in reality the reasons are hidden from plain sight.

I draw with an 18, shoot with a 25.

Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird. I agree with you. They would not have made 10mL vials is this issue existed and to be honest I can’t find anything using Google that even mentions this, so it looks like it went out to pharmacists but not as a general public release, which calls into question the validity of the warning itself. Almost like they did not want public exposure and have the feedback about their BS.