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Subq Needle Length

I have some belly fat, and wanted advice on what size needle I should use for injecting in my abdomen. I have seen where is says 5/16 for men with little body fat, so should I be using a 1/2 inch insulin needle? and do I pin at 90 or 45 degree’s?

Doesn’t really matter too much. If injecting oil you probably want 27 gauge or bigger. If it’s water based, then 29 or 31 gauge will be fine. When injecting Just pinch the fat and go straight in or at an angle (doesn’t matter if you have enough fat). You only need to put the needle in 3/8”-1/2”. If injecting more than 0.25mL then you probably want to go 5/8”

I have been injecting daily subq for the last six months, and I probably have more belly fat than you. I started with a 25g and went up a gauge each month until the 29g that I’m currently using. All half inch. I’m injecting 0.4ml Test Cyp daily, its a really weak concentration so only 20mg.

My blood test results show that subq actually raises my levels slightly higher than IM, and I much prefer not having to aspirate or worry about hitting a nerve (I was injecting in my quads).

On a side note for anyone nerdy like me, when using a standard 1ml syringe I was wasting approx 0.06ml per injection. This reduced to 0.03ml when using a reduced dead space syringe but I’m now using a fixed needle syringe and the wastage is pretty much undetectable by the human eye. This might not sound like much but it adds up over a month. This doesn’t affect your dosage, just how much gets wasted.

3 years subq using 30g 1/2" needles to inject into belly. I load with 18g.