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SubQ Leak After Pinning Quads

Hey guys,

pinned my quads, left and right, on two separate occasions using 5/8 25g needle, and both times I ended up getting a sub q leak. Next time I will be using a 1 inch and pinning a bit higher. Is it possible that the oil leaked out because I spend the majority of my day on my feet, walking and doing lunge like movements? If so, would it make a difference switching to a 1 inch and pinning higher?

If you’re going to pin sub q then use an insulin syringe and needle. I use them when I pin delts and have no issues. A 25g is a little big for sub q IMO. It works, but insulin pins are painless and do the same thing.

Leakage is normal, or so I’m told. Never had it happen to me, but it’s something I think almost everyone has had happen. It’s not an issue at all.

Thanks for the quick response. I never intended to pin sub q. If I wanted to continue doing intramuscular injections, would pining a bit higher and with a longer needle on the quads minimize the possibility of a sub q leak?

I’m the wrong guy to ask. I think pinning quads is for sociopaths. The few times I did it I was crippled for days. So I’m all VG or delts. Painless, no leakage, and no next day pain.

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You wuss. There is no other feeling in the world better than jabbing a nice thiccc 18g right into the quad twice a week for shots. I love it when you can move the needle left or right and play with a muscle fiber or tickle a nerve and watch the muscle spasm.


I use 25g 1" needles for quads and 25g 1.5" for glutes. I prefer pinning glutes over quads, but have no problem with either.

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You’re a monster.

Lmao you’re a madman

It can leak after injection occasionally l, I’ve been SubQ pinning. 4ml of oil into my leg with an 29g half inch insulin needle with no pain

Ok, an 18g might be a little heavy on the dramatic side. For the record though, my Dr had me injecting with a 21g for the first 2 months of TrT. Felt like a nail being pushed into my leg. I then switched to 23g and was in heaven. Now I am using 25g and I have had bigger metal slivers than this thing.

Holy shit that’s a lot of oil for a sub q. Did you mean 4 ml or 4 units?

. 4ml, not 4ml :stuck_out_tongue:

Auto correct was messing with the dot placement

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