SubQ / Intramuscular Question

I know that some things like HGH and melatonin are shot subQ, while most AAS are shot intramuscular.

Why can’t you inject test subQ?

In theory you could, but the absorption rate would be next to nothing and most of it would get used up by the liver if im not mistaken hopefully some of the scientists will chime in for you

If you shoot a large amount of oil sub Q you will develop a pocket of oil that will take some time to dissolve. Not only will this hinder the absorption rate but also cause a great deal of tightness and pain. An infection or abscess is also possible if the oil deposit sits in the spot for too long. Basically, do not inject your AAS sub-Q.

For HRT purposes many guys do SQ injections. I use a 30G 0.5" for my injections for quads and shoulders which is approaching SQ. It’s probably borderline IM considering my bf is around 10%. I used the small pins to minimize scar tissue.

For small amounts, as in HRT doses, SQ is probably ok. Anything more, IM would is preferable.

SQ probably just results in slower absorption, as there is less blood flow to fat tissue. I’d be more concerned with just barely crossing into the muscle and ending up with a very shallow IM injection. That hurts like hell.