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SubQ Injections in the Scrotum?

Hi all TRTers. I have been wondering about doing 2.5mg of test e in the sack as opposed to the burning lumps i get from the usual sub q injections in the belly. Getting tired of trying to bury green/blue needles in my quads and shoulders E3.5 days. Sub q just burns and lumps too much.

Recent bloods are good. Currently prescribed 2x 250 test e vials per month= 125mg per week.My reasoning for this is finding all these nutters filling their sack with saline!!! Each to there own but…not for me haha! Surely a small amount wouldn’t hurt? Any thoughts or experience with this? Cheers.

doubt i’d stab my self in the sack with any thing !

I ache from reading this thread.

Right. Been down the chemist for new insulin needles. Gonna try asap. Will keep you all posted. What can go wrong! ? Hmmmm.

1/2" insulin syringes can also do IM to quads

Oh s*#t. A shot in the nuts a few times per week? Now that is commitment.

If that doesn’t work you could try the eyeball. (Just a joke)

Right! Sorted! 0.25no in the sac with a tiny insulin needle one piece set up. 29gauge I think. Took ages to load but understand all the back load thing. Had a bath, loose sack, grabbed the top Right next to the trunk and did the do! Light scratch but easy! Keep ya posted. Happy days! Beats stomach sub q!

this is just crazy to me.

with SubQ in the stomach or top of the thighs so easy, I can’t imagine sticking my fucking nuts.

I do my HCG subQ in the stomach, I prefer about halfway between belly button and lovehandle. the T I usually do subQ in the “hip flexor” area as I’m sitting. The T shot I can barely even feel. the HCG in the stomach is a bit more of a pinch, but only until the needle punctures, after that I feel nothing. NONE of this is anywhere near painful enough to make me think of going to the nuts- not to mention that I’d be afraid of hitting a vein or some tube I’m unfamiliar with or something.

The only burning I’ve ever gotten is when I haven’t given enough time for the alcohol on either the vial or my skin to dry, therefore I end up inadvertently injecting some alcohol.

clearly a troll

Who’s a troll? I wonder what the first person thought when they heard of sub q injecting of oil based into the fat? I’ve done it, it works, no complications. Just my opinion based on personal experiment. Nuff said :@)