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Subq Injections For Cycling

I was thinking about going from IM to Subq injections on my 350mg test cycle.
I know that this isn’t uncommon in TRT but I’ve been wondering if it’s doable to inject bodybuilding amounts Subq?. I’m going to be injecting 1ml ampule of test enanthate once every 6 days so for this IM seems like it’s going to enter my blood and leave it too quickly because of half life vs my injection frequency. will it help if I do Subq instead? and will 1ml be too much for sub?

I personally would advise against it. Having done sub-q for almost a year in the past myself if you’re doing more than a ML/week you’re going to have large lumps that take a while to go away. I feel like (vs IM) I felt the (feeling like your on) feeling much less on sub-q. Like it was too smooth. On IM I get that good feeling much more.


I did sub q in the butt for 5 months. 90% of the time I was Left with a lump that lasted anywhere from 3 to 6 days. Some of the lumps were painful.

From watching videos and seeing what other people have posted this seems like a common occurrence.