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SubQ Injections Decrease Estrogen?

For those with experience, do subq injections decrease estrogen levels? I’ve done a little research and found varying opinions on this. Thanks

The belief is sub q injections provide a slower rise and less of a spike in T levels. This has the potential to keep aromatization from T to E lower because technically T levels may not get as high.

That being said, if free T levels are stable at a certain number, say 25.1 pg/ml your personal/individual aromatization rate should be the same whether IM or subq.

The key to stable free T levels/avoiding large peaks and valleys, are not only through sub q injections but also through increased injection frequency.

There are multiple issues:

  • avoiding decades of muscle damage
  • smoother T levels

Smoother T levels:

  • inject subq twice a week
  • allows for serum anastrozole levels to match T levels better
  • allows lab results to be meaningful
  • helps avoid some high HTC and RBC that some guys experience
  • avoids some T–>E2 driven by T peaks
  • avoids T roller coaster effects