Subq Injection Swelling

Injected 100 mcg ghrp6 and 100 mcg CJC subq over the rectus femoris about 5 inches above the knee (Closest to an injury).
Basically about 20 minutes after injection I noticed it was warm and swelling slightly, swelling got a little worse… not much pain at all though. I had just got out the shower… I wiped my site/vials with alcohol swabs… so im fairly certain everything was as clean/sanitary as possible. Regardless of whether or not people feel as though alcohol swabbing is necessary, it provides me with some peace of mind.

I iced it and the swelling and redness went down about 50% … but it came back again. There is no pain… and there is no edema, or imprint when I press on it. I was freaking out at first but I am relatively calm now. It has not got any worse. Just wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar or could provide me with any information with respect to what I should be looking for when it is in fact serious. I don’t think I have a fever, but the peptides I use generally cause me to feel warm for about an hour naturally.

My thoughts are maybe I punched a bacteria in or perhaps I injd intradermally by accident and pissed something off. I am relatively new to the injection game and things like this cause a fair bit of anxiety at least at first lol. Its easy to assume the worst.

Any input is appreciated,


Update: no fever… no redness… very little pain if any, but it is very warm to the touch and the swelling is still there if I dont ice it continuously.
It is keeping me up unfortunately I can’t sleep… but thats anxiety more than anything…

Update 2: 12 hours later warming is gone, small bump still but im fairly certain everything is fine.

Can’t be certain what it was. Just glad its pretty much over! Maybe this can provide some peace of mind for anyone else that experiences this!