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SubQ Injection Site Not Working

I’ve been injecting daily into the sides of my abdomen. But recently I felt a little bruising and soreness so I started injecting into my butt cheek for about 2 weeks. So much easier and less painful…
BUT, No pun intended. It’s NOT working as well. I feel fine but I noticed a loss in body/muscle firmness.
I have not done blood work but I am convinced it’s not nearly as effective.

Is this the case? What is another good injection site?

Also a huge thank you to SYSTEMLORD!!! You suggested taking daily injections for acne, estrogen levels and all that other good stuff. I can’t even remember it all It has been working phenomenally!!!
I’ve had acne for most of my life and now at 43 it’s gone. It was hormones after all

I would suggest that your slight water retention is just a temporary side effect of your body adjusting to hormone levels. Stay the course IM, shallow IM, or SubQ.

Sub q offers too much variability.
When I started TRT it worked awesome but suddenly it stopped, I felt worse and my levels fell, I have that documented and they fell like 30 percent while I was injecting on the same site.

Deep IM is the only really consistent way to deliver testosterone to your body. Yes it sucks to do it every day, but with cypionate I think you can do it every other day and you will hardly feel difference unless you are a hyper excreter and it is very rare to excrete cypionate so often.

What works best for me is injecting in the shoulders with 27g 3/4 needles, no any pain on EOD and switching both shoulders