SubQ Injection Problems. Sore Shoulder/Back of the Arm

Hej i tried shoot my right shoulder, it was sore for days, Then after my left which was the same. The first night it really hurt. After i tried back of the arm, which was even worse than the shoulders. The stomach is a pain the the ass. The oil seems to become a bump and takes a long time to go away, and if you accidentally shoot the same spot, you pretty much have a problem. Any ideas need help. Running out of spots. My Glutes i use for vitamin injections so i rather wanna not use em. Maybe ventral glutes, but i still have hard tine to locate it :slight_smile:

Try IM.

Switch brands. I was getting the lump until I switched from my compounding pharmacy to walgreens. I heard someone mention the oil used is not the same and some people have reactions to certain oils. My issue got so bad that injecting into the shoulder caused so much pain that it limited my activities using my shoulders. The lumps in the butt were painful and annoying. So I switched.

I switched and have been issue free sub-q and intra muscle for two months!

Thanks :slight_smile: I also thought maybe it was some ingredient. But unfortunately i live in Denmark. There is no TRT here. Denmark private healthcare system, is pretty much SHIT. They have free state health care which is only useful if you have diabetes, broken leg and so. Some things are good in Denmark other things pretty bad. I have 4-5 brands to choose from. I buy them from my dealer. One is called Alpha Pharma actually a real pharma company, located in India, i will try them now. The one that caused me problem was Magnus pharmaceuticals. All these brands are mostly used by bodybuilders, and so, in Europe.

Hej im travelling to USA. Can you tell me which oil is used in your walgreens? And also what was the brand of your older one, from the compounding pharmacy, oil type in it?

ant the walgreens you refer to is this, wlagreens dot com?

Cottonseed oil.

Walgreens is a pharmacy chain in Texas.

I have no idea what the compounding pharmacy used. I do know that their mixture was not as thick.

Walgreens is a pharmacy chain everywhere, they merged with Booths a couple of years ago so they’re in the UK as well technically.

Ok thanks. Was both products, the same i mean, cypionate etc?? Or different like the first you used cypionate and the other enanthate. Thanks

I get the Perrigo brand cyp cottonseed as well. I get from pharmacy

Both were/are cypionate.

A compounding pharmacy is a legal lab that mixes the product onsite.

I’m only suggesting that you try a different manufacturer and see if it makes a difference for you.

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If this is genuine alpha pharma this is a quality stuff

When doing sub-q with any oil try to press the site for 1 minute after the injection
Otherwise I would suggest shallow IM in shoulders or ventriglutes. Bear in mind IM my hurt the first 2-3 weeks until your muscles get used to the oil. My muscles hurted like hell the first IM injections

I didn’t post this?

Ok thanks. So both where cottonseed. But looked different? So you think its not the type of oil but more the way they make it? or?


They sell it in pharmacyies in thailand, india and so. Its a real pharmaceutical company, one of Indias bigger pharma companys produce for them, like coca cola producing other smaller brands and so. But when that being said its the most illegal sold brand in western Europe. So you get the idea i guess

Do you have an opinion of the Iran Hormon Enanthate:

Do you know if it is a quality product and whether it is often faked?

Im sorry i have no idea. I only know a couple of brands. Not an expert :slight_smile:

Ok i use insulin pin, iguess this it what you mean by shallow? My shoulder hurt like hell it was too much i dont think this could be healthy. So after a couple of weeks it passed?

Yes, for me it was the same. A few hours after injection started to hurt like shit for about one day. Now only very little pain from time to time almost none