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SubQ Gauge and Length Advice Needed

Ok, I am finally switching from 1 weekly IM injection (23G 1 inch) to twice a week schedule. My wife has boxes of 1ml 5/16 31g slin pins. So …

  1. Can I use those to start (too thin too short?)? And if so, can I go straight into my quads/delts with that length?

  2. Where are the best SubQ injection locations?

  3. Does it matter how deep injection is … i.e, will shallow IM work as well as SubQ?

As long as it does not leak out it is good.

After injecting press finger on injection site to allow vessels and cells to seal off, preventing leaks and blood bruises.

5/16th can be used for hCG or hGH and you can get some #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes which are ~$14 at USA Walmart/SAMs.

If injection is deep it will be IM, if you get shallow enough it will be SQ. Love handles is a popular place to do SQ.