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Subq for High SHGB


I recently started TRT and have a question regarding Injection types. I’m a high SHGB guy. Last test showed 64 nmol/L (16.5-55.9 nmol/L) but usually averages around 73. I was put on 80 mg test Cypionate every 3.5 days. I declined HCG since I dont care about testicular atrophy or fertility. Doctor said it was ok to do SubQ but I’m concerned after reading some posts on another board. I’ve read SubQ is not recommended for high SHGB guys, only IM. SubQ does not alllow for a quick release of test to lower SHGB. Is that accurate? I’m not sure why that would be. I’ve only done 2 shots so I really don’t feel anything at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.

SQ does have the slower release, while SQ is a big question mark on whether it will work or not, IM is a guaranteed to work.

Your protocol is solid.

Do you think it’s a good idea to change to IM If I don’t feel anything at the 2 week mark?

Get bloodwork done to check your free T on subq. Honestly subq is so much easier than IM. Would suck if you had to do IM for the rest of your life.

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That means I should wait at least 6 weeks, right?

I Could be wrong but by two weeks you should already see an increase. You could give it a month

What is your current subQ protocol?

Using 27 gauge 1/2 inch needle. Did stomach first time and love handle yesterday. Doing 80 mg test for each shot. I thought I felt really good yesterday after a couple of days but it could be in my head. Do not feel anything today.

Thats too high dosage for SubQ. Max 50mg per shot.

Try 40mg four times a week. You can alternate between belly and buttocks and love handle. Thats about 8 spots. For painless injections you can also use an insulin needle. Super easy. With your high SHGB you could probable even try 50mg four times a week and take it from there after seeing your bloodwork after a month. If your Free T is too high you can then try lower the dosage back to 40 four times a week.

Or you can stick to 40mg four times a week and do bloods in a month and if your free T is not ideal then you can up it to 50mg. Up to you. But you need to inject more frequently at a lower dosage for subQ.

Four shots a week? Another reason I went pellets! LOL

Thank you for the response. I would have to ask my doc at defy to up my dose which they probably won’t do till I run labs at 6 weeks. I will wait 2-3 weeks to see if I feel any better than will try more frequent injections. Do you do Subq? I saw a video by Dr. Crisler staying that small needles damage tissue for Subq injections. Not sure what to thank about that. Maybe if I inject slowly it won’t be an issue. The 27 gauge I use now does cause a little pain and would be nice to avoid discomfort.

I would think with LOW shbg you’d want SubQ. That way, the test is slower absorbed and less conversion to E2.

@systemlord , thoughts?

I do subQ. I also have high SHBG. I do 50mg 4 times a week with an insulin needle. Small needles damage tissue vs big needles? That doesnt make sense to me. Mind sharing the source?

Sure, here is the link.

Did you figure out your protocol through trial and error or by your provider?

After watching, I have even more respect for those of you who do this 4 times per week. I could never … I understand it more for bodybuilders (of which I am not) … but I know truthfully that I would never last if this was my only method of TRT.

I do not do that four times per week. Respect to the Doc but i don’t think his method is suitable for most. Squeezing the fat and creating a “tunnel” to inject into is painless with a slin pin. I could do that 7 days a week.

Thanks. I see. He does still use a very small needle though.

Trial and error.