SubQ and Feel Like I Quit TRT

Sub q is fat q. But why don’t you inject in the stomach like everybody? You need to be extremely lean to not have any fat there.

Why don’t you try to do it like it is advised to see how you feel?

I don’t have any fat on my stomach. That is the problem. Yes i am quite lean

Yes it takes time to build the t on subq. But once you do you may have higher t levels. When I changed methods it took almost 6 weeks to restsbilize

You can also inject in very upper leg. Inject when you are sitting and you should see more fat bunch up. You can inject love handles too. On subq you need not go in deep at all. I use 5/16”. If fat is low go in side ways

Btw When doing im I did shallow ones with 1/2” needles.

Try injecting in your abdomen or your ‘love handle’ area on the sides of your stomach. Even if you don’t have much fat you can pinch the skin and inject at a 45 degree or higher angle so it still stays subq.

Here’s a good video to watch. He’s a lean guy and doesn’t have a problem.

I’d try injecting in your abdomen and double your dosage for a week to bring your levels up faster.

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Some men are not ready to take charge of their health and do what necessary and are going to whine about having to do daily injections when appropriate, then you’re not serious about making lifestyle changes to improve your health.

The problem is getting past the mental part of injecting daily, the comment that it seems like a lot of intramuscular injections, it really is all in your head.

When I went from EOD to an ED protocol the difference was very noticeable.

Not if using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes.

You’ll likely feel like shit after 2 weeks regardless of the protocol change. That’s why it’s posted in basically every thread to wait 6 weeks to do blood work because your body needs time to adjust. I switched from sub-q to IM and felt horrible for 7 weeks. At 8 weeks I felt ok. Nothing having to do with TRT is fast.

I’m on daily IM using 30g 1/2 inch easytouch syringes doing shots in the delts. I’ve had zero problems.

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When I switched to a daily protocol I didn’t feel bad at all, there was a couple of days when I felt mediocre, but by 7 days I felt good and it was like this for many weeks.

I believe the reason why I felt good was because my SHBG is low allowing me to have access to more Free T early on in the protocol.

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When I switched from weekly to bi weekly IM it took about 6 weeks, bi-weekly to daily sub-q took 8 weeks, daily sub-q to EOD IM it took about 6 weeks, EOD IM to daily IM took about a month. (before I felt not like total crap, it took longer to feel ideal)

It’s not painful to me, just seems unnecessary but I haven’t tried it to actually notice the difference…I thoght test takes like 2-3 days to peek anyways and has a long half-life? plus doesn’t testosterone get stuck in a syringe Everytime you inject anyways and wasted like 5mg? It does for me lol

I feel the shot right away, there is no delay, the effect is immediate. In your case it is necessary, I mean you are about ready to quit TRT and return to the sorry state you were in pre-TRT. You may not want to do it, but it is necessary because your SHBG is low and what you have been doing isn’t working.

There is zero waste when using insulin syringes.

More like 24-48 hours, but the size of the dosage is going to determine how much testosterone is converted to estrogen, so imagine estrogen on a single 100mg dosage versus a tiny 10mg dosages within the same 48 hour period.

Also these large peaks followed by a long gradual decline is a problem for some men, I don’t respond well to TRT when levels are fluctuating.

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Are you saying that 120mg/week divided into 7 daily injections, most likely doesn’t need an AI?

No, when I was doing 20-25mg EOD (80-100mg) I was getting roughly 500 ng/dL, I get about the same levels 7-10mg daily.

Wow that’s insane…

Why do people get a different reading drastically…at the same weekly dose? At 100mg/week some people gets 700-800’s others get 500’s

I am sure you have posted this before but what is your free T at 500 ng/dl?

My Free T is 21 pg/mL (6.8-21.5) when Total T is 500 ng/dL.

Your free T is north of 4%, that is pretty amazing. You could get as low as 161 ng/dl total T and still be within the free T range. Amazing how vastly different every person is.

Two weeks ago I was at 97-119 ng/dL, i am functioning but feel I’m slowly slipping into a state I was in PRE-TRT. I do have erections at this level, every morning, but they are also declining.

You are slipping into that pre trt state because you lowered dosage or SHBG is increasing? 500 to 120 is a big change but maybe you are doing a new protocol.

I tried sq also and felt like crap so after 4 weeks I switched back and I starting feeling good again.
Not sure why but it just didn’t work for me.