SubQ and Feel Like I Quit TRT

Went from IM to SubQ. E3,5 days 80 mg.(160mg week). Two weeks now and i feel like shit. Shbg is 22,8
range: 18-45.
Could it be that subq does not work for low shbg? Wanted to go with it 2 weeks more to do labs but man i don’t think i can handle the depression. It’s like i have quit testosterone. I feel like i don’t have even 1 mg in my body.
My Protocol IM was 150 mg once a week.

Have you made the same experience switching to subQ?

How were you doing with that schedule?

Would like to see your labs on IM and later on in six weeks SubQ.

SQ doesn’t work for a lot of men, less than 50% feel good on SQ. I felt terrible after only one 10mg injection and will never do it again.

Your body needs a minimum of 6 weeks to adapt to changes in protocols, it’s only been 2 weeks.

I think SQ is overrated. Your SHBG is low and none of the protocols you’ve chosen are optimal, no wonder you want to quit TRT.

Curious why you haven’t tried daily dosing yet, it’s not like you’re a new member, surely it’s been suggested previously or at least have read about others with low SHBG doing it and succeeding.

You should be doing minimum EOD or ED shots, TRT doesn’t cure depression if low T isn’t the cause of depression, I think a lot of guys are hoping it cures all illnesses and then want to quit.

You still need healthy testosterone if you want to live a long life healthy life.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not having good luck on subq. I really feel better after moving to subq, I must be one of the lucky ones.

I did a few double booster dosages initially to bring me up to speed quicker since the first week I didn’t feel great, but after 2 weeks you should be feeling better.

I’m just curious, what would you guess your body fat percentage to be? Here’s a visual to guess from:

I’m guessing I’m at around 19%. I wonder, if you’re in the higher range of body fat if subq would work as well as the lower range since blood vessels would possibly be less and more spread out in a higher body fat individual? In the actual fat, I mean. So, the T isn’t absorbed via subq nearly as well as IM would be in a heavier person. This is strictly a guess but it makes sense to me.

Hello i have a body fat of 12%.
You got me wrong @sysremlord. I am not depressed normally. On subQ sins 2 weeks i feel depressed.
I think i am going to switch to IM 150 mg.
On 120 mg my through labwork was:
Testosterone 700 range: 249- 1100
Free testosterone was. : 19,22 range: 5,5-40

I don’t want to go daily injections. It’s difficult in Germany anyway for us trt guys. I don’t want to make it more difficult.

I think i will switch to 150 mg weekly. That should put my through to 900 and my free T to 30 or something.

I was ok. Feeling good. Before i was on 200 and the E2 management was to tricky. Went to 120 and then to 150 mg.
Definitely felt better with 150 mg IM.
Just wanted to know how it feels like to go subQ

You know guys the crazy part is, since I went subQ i get more morning errections. Almost everyday. But i feel like there is no test in my body. Difficult to describe. When i do IM i feel like a biest.
How i feel on subQ is like after a cycle when you have no testosterone in your body. You feel like shit.

All i can say is this. Never change a fucking winning system. Everybody talked about subQ and i am sure it works for some people. But for me it seems like its not working.
I will switch to IM

It’s been said, “strength is a greedy mistress”. I think many, even though they are doing well, or even very well, have to try something different to make it better and end up overthinking it.

The vast majority of men on TRT take 150-200mg weekly injections and do fine. That is regardless of SHBG levels, and the underground guys don’t even know what that is. Some don’t even consider E2, some dose themselves with underground products.

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I feel better on 3x a week IM, never got much out of subQ. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but it would take some convincing before I’d ever try it again

I have high shbg and am at around 150mg/week.

Totaly true highpull
I have a question:
On 120 mg my free t was 19,22 range : 5,5-40
Labwork was made the day before the next injection. My through level.
So as you see my free t is on 120 mg in the mittle range. I didnt do labwork on 150 mg yet.
But if it’s still not in the upper range and i feel better but still not very good should i adjust my Protocol to get free t in the upper range. No matter how high the total T is?

In my opinion, yes. First, always go off of how you feel over a lab number. Secondly, outside of curiosity and interest in free test percentages, I think you could ignore the total testosterone level and base treatment on the free testosterone level. Aside from basing treatment on the range, some PCPs and others do their patients a disservice when free testosterone levels are not considered.

I think most guys feel best when the free testosterone is right at the top of the range, and for some, even up to 50% over the range.

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You are purposely making it hard on yourself, you are choosing a path that is causing you trouble and are talking about quitting TRT. I figure a guy at the end of the rope would be willing to do anything to feel normal again.

I expect weekly injections to always be problematic for you as it is for any other members. You talk about not wanting to make things difficult but that is exactly what you are doing, making things difficult for yourself.

Think I’m wrong, lets see how you’re doing in another 6 months. I’ll bet you’ll be back here looking for help again or will have already quit TRT.

I’m trying to give you an option that involves seeing some success on TRT.


I think u should give Subq 2 more weeks or else you will never know how you are on subq

If you are used to getting that rush on weekly im and that’s what you are looking for on Subq , that would explain why you don’t like subq

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I’d second this advice. I created a similar post my first week on subq because it felt like it wasn’t working.

But then I added a few ‘booster’ injections to get things working faster and things evened out quickly. I’m on 200mg/wk and I injected something like 400mg subq in the first 7 days and I think that helped a lot.

I’d try doubling your dosage for a week and see what happens. It worked for me after I started off not feeling good.

I will Think about it.
Could another reason be that i inject in the glute. And it’s not subQ but more “fatQ”?
Does it build slowlier when you inject into fat?

What difference would it make if someone did every 3.5 days vs ED/EOD ? This seems like A LOT of intramuscular injections…

I have SHBG 40 and If I start TRT I’m not going to less frequent than EOD. I will do ED or EOD or cream. Once a week is nonsense.

Isn’t it too difficult and painful to do IM ED?

For sub q I know its not a problem because you basically feel nothing, the only problem is the duty to prepare the injection every day

Can someone answer my last question please?