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Sublingual Testosterone?

I’m 55 and have been reading T Nation for a few years. I’ve been monitoring my falling T levels for about 5 years and have recently started seriously considering TRT and have learned alot from this forum.

I came across an article at hhtp://YoungAgain.orgNewWayToUseTestosterone. It says you can mix Test E with vegatable oil and take the drops under the tongue.I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel but it seems like an easy , less invasive way to do it. You would also get more stable blood levels since you would do it everyday. Also if you follow the mixing method you would get 4 mgs of test per drop so it would be easy to take 4 or 5 drops a day and you would have about 100 mgs a week which is a good starting dose for TRT.

Injected T is 100% delivery. Orals are still limited absorption with some going to the gut with limits absorbing there too. Oil and water do not mix. I can’t see this working well. It will be more expensive than injections.


Total nonsense. False, misleading.

Thanks for the reply, KSman.
This past Jan. my Total t was 361, free was 61. I wanted to see if I could raise it naturaly and took a tribulus otc supplement(that anti e stuff like dim also) I also take a ZMA at night , multi vitamin fish oil etc., work out with basic compound movements.

I then did a saliva test and my t levels were still in the tank and estrodiol and dht were low to. I also take dhea 50 mgs a day and it was optimal level. I don’t understand it because I,m in good shape

(I,m not a huge guy but I think I"m in better shape than 99%of the guys my age) and I just wonder how much better I would feel if I had higher t levels. Sexually I’m fine , the symptoms I have are poor sleep , some tiredness ,grouch, mild depression.

My next blood test is at the end of the year so I,m going to read and decide what to do based on that blood test( if ther below the range will I go through my doctor ,insurance or do the trt myself)
In the meantime how can I raise my e because I also have the cracking joints which I read is caused y low e.

[quote]Virgil Hilts wrote:
I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel but it seems like an easy , less invasive way to do it. You would also get more stable blood levels since you would do it everyday. [/quote]

If you are hesitant about the needle thing, there has been some good info about doing subQ shots (mostly in the upper part of the quads I believe) with 29G needles. That way you don’t have to stick your ass on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and you could do a shot everyday with no “invasive” techniques.

What was your E2 level when you took the test? “Low” isn’t enough to know if you need to worry about it or not.

Some have low T and low E, others low T and elevated E. Please post E2 lab and range.

With low T and low E, the T:E ratio can still be adverse.

Your joints might be a problem in part from other things.

FT needs to be in the context of lab range.

Your HPTA is probably not repressed from E, so it could be pituitary insufficiency. Any blows to the head prior to the onset of this? Any visual field problems like a reduction in peripheral vision? Had a fever where testes ached? Testes ache now?

OTC and Rx drugs can cause some T problems.

I’ve never checked e by a blood test. By the saliva test my estradiol was 0.7 with the optimal range listed as 0.8- 1.5


No bloes to the head. Like I said no problems with my boys or ED or anything like that . No vison problems. I don’t take any drugs other than an occasional asprin or tylonol

Also ,saliva test showed T38.7 with optimal listed as 75-120,borderline 35-75.

The only problem with saliva tests is that few are familiar with the numbers. If you do hormones under your tongue or lip, related saliva testing will be bogus.