Sublingual Testo Drops

i have been taking low dose injections but this new dr wants me to try the sublingual drops… i got them to try… he said slightly lower the injection doses…

he seems to think that the sublingual will have less negative side effects than the injections… ie polycythemia… i am trying to be open minded. but i know i even got some high RBC with a compounded gel.

at least he said i could take both the injects and the drops…


No experience here for the low dose delivery that you are interested. Can you stay in one thread so there is some context for you?

will do… sorry for the confusion… i think i posted on my original thread but no one responded… i know you are busy KSMan! thanks for all your work in helping us out and clearing a path around these issues when there is much lacking in the medical community around this stuff!.. i really appreciate your work!