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Sublingual of Orals


Some years ago, it was common to read advice about sublingual admin of prohormones.
This was to avoid the “first pass” in the liver and to get more of the “good” stuff into the blood stream.

With orals, which are known to be hard on the liver, and can also get metabolised there, wouldn’t it be advisable to do the same?


Potentially there would be a modest improvement. Not a bad idea.

However, pretty much anything that was enough really to give you a liver problem I would bet also would do so by this method, as the only difference is (first pass plus numerous times of regular circulation and finally metabolic elimination) versus (numerous times of regular circulation and finally metabolic elimination.)

Maybe in an extremely rare case that could be “the straw that broke the camel’s back” but for the most part, probably any usage that was bad or okay one way, would likewise be bad or okay the other.

Thanx Bill!!

" The Master has spoken, I don’t need any other explanations :slight_smile: "