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Sublingual Anadrol

Thoughts on taking anadrol or any other oral sublingually?

Aside from slightly faster absorption, what would be the benefit?

Perhaps more potent from the drug being active in your system before passing through the liver for the first time. That would depend on the bioavailability of each ROA though and Google didn’t help me with that.

The reality is that anadrol is plenty powerful in its usual form. I’ve never seen a UGL make sublingual forms of orals. When they want to make an exotic delivery for an oral it’s almost always as an injectable.

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So are we saying a typical anadrol tab or cap cannot be absorbed sublingually?

There’s a process that changes the absorption of a chemical depending on the route of administration. I am not knowledgeable enough to speak on what one could do to make an oral medication into a sublingual.

I see, thanks for your replies as usual Iron.