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Sublexing Ulnar Nerve / Popping Elbow


I’ve seen a few old posts about this issue, but not sure if folks who responded to those posts are still active on the board.

I am having issues with a sublexing ulnar nerve. Straight to the point, I am wondering if this condition always requires surgery? I was diagnosed by an ortho and he seems to want to hold off on surgery. I am hoping surgery won’t ever be needed. Does anyone have experience with this issue?

I’d appreciate hearing what others have experienced.

Can the popping/clicking stop on it’s own? Thank you for any info.

Anyone? I’d really appreciate a reply.

I haven’t had subluxing ulnar nerve, but I had a nerve entrapment that when i did a pull up motion my tendon on the inside of my elbow would snap over something and catch my nerve, sending a painful shock down my arm. Doctor told me surgery only works like 50% of the time, I didn’t want that. Told me I would have to live with it the rest of my life (im 20), so I said screw that im going to figure this out on my own since he basically gave up. Eventually visited a ART guy, he fixed it in about 3 weeks. I still have the snapping tendon, but its painless because the nerve was moved out.

No idea how similar to your situation that was, but look into ART possibly.