Subcutaneous Injections Info?

Looking to start subcutaneous injections and hoping to find some more detailed info. I’m currently using Testosterone cypionate. 60mg twice a week. With 23 gauge, rotating shoulders and glutes. Using 18 gauge to draw with. I heard 25-27 gauge, 1/2 inch needles in shoulders /quads. Any additional info or suggestions would be appreciated. I’d like to go to 3-4 times a week.

Use a insulin syringe for sub q Injections.

Other then that what exactly are you asking? Sub q Injections can be done almost anywhere.

I’ve not seen them done before test. I’ve Seen videos of hcg And pinching belly fat with insulin needle but didn’t know if pinching the the skin and injecting in fat mattered or just push 1/2 inch needle in like normal. The Dr I see says sub q isn’t even an option and wouldn’t work. But it’s also same
Dr that crashed my estrogen with AIs.
Thank you for the help.

Your Dr is a moron then. If subq didnt work my test levels would still be double digits. It just gives you a steady release of test. Basically exactly what you want with esterfied test


I Agree but unfortunately i live in a rural area and don’t have any other options. Just glad I found this forum and heard Jay Campbell’s podcasts about ditching estrogen control and ditching AIs.

After 6 weeks of Estradiol crash from AI, finally starting to feel somewhat normal again even though levels still below optimal. Belly fat and swollen ankles went away. On my 2nd week of bi weekly sub Q inject of 60mg of Test Cyp in stomach. 2 days my inj this week, belly and ankle bloat came back. Is there any chance I would be better with IM injections. Could Sub Q cause more bloat?

I’m around second week of my sub-q injections of 62.5mg test-e twice per week every 3.5 days. No bloat, no negative sides, nada. So far so good. I think you should check your diet and what else you might be taking or if thats all good just give it a bit more time then manage from there. This shit takes patience, it ain’t cocaine bro, gotta be smart and wait it out. Just my 2 cents.


Even if you don’t change dosage, changing injection delivery method requires at least a month to restabilize. Stay with it.

Some require to lower their dosage on Subq.