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Subcutaneous Injection Sites


Hi guys I know that quite a few people are doing their TRT SubQ, and I was curious as to which sites people prefer for oil injections as well as the perceived pros, cons and personal experiences with different sites

Cheers :slight_smile:


Ass is the best place as it is a big muscle and not to many veins to hit…


unless you’re pinning tiny amounts I’d leave it well alone


FYI…not gonna name any names…BUT there is a guy here trying to give advice about pinning when he just started a forum about wanting to do his first cycle…

With that being said, I prefer the quads with an insulin needle… I don’t really get any PIP. Also, don’t have to twist my body awkwardly to pin the glutes. Will I pin the glutes? yes. But quads are my favorites.

The quads have a lot of veins. So if you aren’t lean enough to see them, the glutes might be a safer route.
Everybody has their preference. I don’t mind the delts either.

I like the comfort of being able so comfortably sit and do my injections.


thanks for the heads up brother. I just had a quick look, that’s some funny shit eh?

the internet continues to amuse us :joy:

How deep do you go with the quads? I was thinking in terms of SubQ like the TRT guys here do. I’ve always done glutes IM when on cycle but pin SubQ these days as it’s a baby dose of prop and would hate doing IM every day forever for TRT purposes


Hmm… well I do IM in the quads with a 29g needle. It’s not really a pain in the ass to do and the injections are barely felt. as far as sub q on the quads, It might be tough because there isn’t really anything between the skin and the quads. Thats why it’s so easy to go IM there. Can’t say I have done any SubQ pins before. Maybe we will both learn some stuff from this one!


I did my first subq injection last night and I did it in my belly fat. Imagine where your hip is and go forward (toward naval) one hand width. Granted, I’m only on 100mg a week and split this dosage to .25cc (or 50mg). Being this is the Pharma category, You wouldn’t want to subq a lot (more than .50cc) of test at a time.


I’ve been doing subQ for a couple of years into the love handle area and haven’t had any major issues if the gear is thin enough ; ) I seem to get lumps in the abdominal region for some reason though

I was going to post this in the TRT section, and in hindsight probably should have, but I thought that it technically relates to use of drugs more than labs and dosing etc



I recommend over the upper legs if lean and veins are clearly visible.

Many can get small bleed bruising. That can be greatly avoided by pressing on injecting site after the injection. That compression will allow blood vessels to seal off. If you hit a vein, the pain is distinct, but not localized to the injection site. If you find a tiny nerve ending, the pain is sharp and localized.

Pinch up skin and inject into end of fold with needle parallel to underlying tissues. Mark selected injection site with needle cap or similar, swab with prep pad and target is still distinct.