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Subcutaneous Fat or Bloated Gut?


My waist is abour 32.5inches when I keep it moderately tense, but when I totally relax it bloats up to 35 inches. Is this the result of yoga breathing? or subcutaneous fat?

I attached a video to show how my gut appearance changes when I do so.

What can I do about it?


OH MY GOD... thats... NORMAL!

lol I think a recent article said certain ab exercises like ab rollouts can help that. But seriously, I wouldn't worry about it. And to answer the thread title, little bit of both?


There is also visceral fat to consider.

No idea about your question but it is unlikely that you will get a definitive answer based on a video. Your best bet would be to go into a caloric deficit for a little while and see if you notice any major changes.


I am probably a little bit leaner than you are...but I have the same problem. Slightly tense....no gut......completely relaxed, and a gut shows up. One time I had dieted down (don't know bodyfat %) to the point that all my abs were clearly visible...but if I completely relaxed my gut....a slight belly would appear.


Uhm, all humans are like that. I am a little surprised that some of you think otherwise. In fact, that's a little scary.


I have this 'problem'. My stomach sticks out further than my chest when not flexed but full abs are visible. It has to do with having food constantly in my stomach. It also gets worse after drinking milk (2 pints at a time). Anterior pelvic tilt is not as important because if the bloating is happening from food a properly tilted pelvis will not change the look. If I flex my abs my waist goes from about 31 inches to about 28 or so. The easiest way to fix this is to get a bigger chest.


The only "problem" here is the eating disorder you hinted at (assuming that is what you meant by vomiting).


Wait, so when you suck in your gut, it is smaller than when you don't? I don't think you should be posting this on a forum, I think you should see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.


Thanks for the replies, I guess I have nothing to worry about.


I can't believe no one has suggested doing vacuums. Your transversus abdominis is weak if the minute you stop focussing on keeping your stomach tight it protrudes outward. No matter what, it's going to come out to a degree and is normal as X suggested when you're not controlling it, however, daily vacuum work can help keep it involuntarily tighter.


I was always under the impression that it was possible to have abs visible and no gut protrusion in a relaxed state, but I guess not. The best ways to deal with this are probably vacuums or developing your chest more. Good replies.


The average bodybuilder eats several times a day trying to avoid even having a completely empty digestive tract. Do some of you think your intestines are black holes? Your waist is the most variable measurement in your whole body because it depends on when you last ate and how much waste is present.

If you are the type who starves themselves and barely eats anything, then yes, you just may not have much "protrusion" ever. You also won't ever have big muscles.

Some of you are a little too vain. You miss basic logic because of what you want to see.

This is why so many are WRONG when they try to point out "gh gut" on every person possible. You don't get really big arms without some really big eating and if your stomach sticking out a little sometimes is that much of an issue....good luck ever making much progress.

The OP isn't exactly "6%" body fat...nor should he try to be unless that is specifically his goal. I am also guessing he has eaten food in the last 24 hours.


I'm sorry, but that video is hilarious. Pretty much b/c of what PX is saying


ok is this really a thread or is somebody pullin my leg?

OP I'd bet there are at least 20 other things you should worry about with training and another 20 things you should worry about with dieting before you even think to worry about this.

And yes this is normal.

You have nothing to worry about except the fact you hinted at doing yoga...

that might have me a little worried. LOL just messin with ya man.


can someone jut explain to me what the point of the video was?


Sure it's normal, but this is more relevant. ^^^

Now whether you choose to do vacuums or not is up to you, but you should be aware of the TA's function and how it's woefully underdeveloped in most and how that's also tied to poor posture in most.


Hmm if you think you look fat when relaxed at your current weight you can either get more muscle and then cut or... try to see your abs and look like a 16 year old little girl.

Hint: Eat right and train !

Seriously, I think you are spending too much time looking at the mirror and you are starting to see hmm STUFF !


although it is not your biggest concern like everyone said, working on that "Problem" offers its benefits. to fix that you simply need to do more ab stabilization movements, such as planks, ab rollers, impossible pushups, side palnks, even pushups(anything that requires you to stabilize your ab wall for long periods of time). the benefits of these are: better posture, obviously stronger abs, and your core will be stronger in movements such as squats and deadlifts, it will also help for being punched in the stomach during a fight, which hopefully wont happen all too often, oh and of course your stomach wont pop out as much when relaxed.


This is Johnnie Jackson doing deadlifts. His stomach sticks out a little. Do you think he has a weak core?

I am not saying that people should avoid ab training, but if anyone in this thread is still pushing the idea that it is natural for your stomach to look flexed at all times with absolutely no protrusion ever (especially when discussing people who are trying to gain even more muscular body weight which means more food), they need to go study anatomy and simply watch other humans.


another of johnny jackson which shows his stomach even better