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Subcutaneous Doubts

So, I switched to subcutaneous injections because i didn’t like the idea of putting a hole in my quad every 3 days. I ran my usual dose of 25mg E3D for 3 weeks and experienced a loss of about 7lbs of muscle and symptoms of testosterone withdrawal. Now, it could just be stress but just 12hrs post IM I’m starting to feel better. Makes me wonder if some people absorb the test into adipose tissue or convert it to E2 or another metabolite.

Just wanted to post my experience since I had trouble finding anything negative about administering Test Cyp S/C

My recent labs say otherwise. I do subcutaneous EOD 50mg no issues with my test levels. My E2 is high but that’s because of the dose and HCG.

What brand test are you using? Any lab work?

I know it doesn’t make any sense and no I don’t have the labs to back it up. The test I’m using is Depo-Testosterone(cyp) by pfizer. I was going to keep going with the S/C until my next scheduled labs but I just felt too crappy. I had to switch back. I’ve been on 0.5 mg anastrazole E3D for about 6 weeks now and curious where my E2 is.

How do you feel about the HCG? Is it something you could live without?

I think you need to continue sq and do bloodwork sooner. It’s likely going to point to another issue. Either way your injections get within the blood stream and begin shedding the ester. I don’t think that is your issue.

As far as HCG it is not something that I would leave out of trt. I would probably not have started trt without HCG.

Subcutaneous administration of testosterone. A pilot study report.

Subcutaneous administration of testosterone. A pilot study report. - This study is promising and I’ve read it before. If you search in Google Scholar a non-printable version is available. A 22-person study is not really proof and they used a different ester which could make all the difference.

From what I’ve read it makes total sense that S/C route is effective but I’m going with my gut and sticking with IM. In a few years we might find out that people with a certain gene metabolize it differently. I’m telling you it was as if I quit administering my T.

In my opinion Subq shots are not the route the go. I agree that a hole in the muscle twice a week for life isn’t a good thought but for many years Test cyp was given IM and there hasn’t been any medical issues with it. If Subq was effective I think the medical professions would tell us so. The Test Cyp. oil was made (many years ago) for IM not Subq. These are just my opinions.

I’ve read multiple story’s of guys switching to SQ injections with poor absorption rate. Also have read many stories with great success. But there is definitely a strong chance that your body wasn’t absorbing the same. I’ve read guys dropping their T levels by half with poor absorption.

I wouldn’t take the chance. Buy insulin needles from Walgreens, the same you use to inject HCG with, I prefer 29 gauge 1/2 inch, pin in the delts. Painless and scarless,

Again everyone’s different, blood work is king,

We can have all of the right info and logic, but sometimes one option might not work as well as the other. So do whatever seems best for you. I recall one other making the same observations. But try SC again in the future just to be sure of things.

I will also offer that pellets under the skin or transdermals could be assumed to not be what you would want.

I’m really glad I posted. I was a little fearful of being flamed for it. The comments are exactly what drove me to post it though. I needed the feedback because I simply don’t have any hard evidence. I’m sort of happy to hear that I’m not the only one that experienced less than stellar results. The only available info I could find claimed great efficacy.

KSman I think that’s a great approach and I will do just that maybe in another 3-6months.

Believe it or not I experience less pain in my vastus lateralis than doing S/C. I find the fatty areas allow the skin to stretch around the needle too much as it breaks through. After the skin I don’t feel anything really in either site. I find with a hard surface like the front of my quad and applying just a little tightness to the skin I barely feel the needle enter. I guess i’m just concerned that I’m damaging a few fibers each time. Possibly irreversibly.

SC for me 120mg a week TT 1050. Works for me.

Another important piece of the puzzle to add. I didn’t want to post this part until I had seen the changes going back to IM injections. While I was doing S/C injections my small lump in my left breast quadrupled in size. Since being back on IM for only a couple of weeks now it has almost returned to normal again.

Since mid-June I’ve been using the SC route but this time in my lovehandle area. I feel good and my labs results are good. Definitely not the same experience I had the first time going into my abdomen.

Did “small lump in my left breast” resolve? Was transient?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Did “small lump in my left breast” resolve? Was transient?[/quote]

Well no, it’s also been sensitive to the hCG as you might recall (I know you consider hundreds of cases a week). At the moment going SC and using 80 units of hCG seems to prevent the growth. The lump, I’m afraid, is likely permanent and prone to stimulation by possibly pathological circumstance.