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Subcutaneous Cycle


After using a homebrew test suspension recipe for sometime now, I started toying with the idea of injecting subcutaneously. Initally, this met with some painful results. I've since tried lowering the concentration to 50mg/mL and the test injections of this batch are hardly painful at all, and haven't swollen up like the last batches did.

In theory I should be able to run this in place of estered test and since I'm injecting subQ I can hit it 4 times a day to offset the short halflife. I'm pretty amped about this and I'm wondering if the same receipe can be used to inject other estered gear subq as well.

The receipe uses PS80 as a solubilising agent, and as suspension goes its as smooth as silk.

Is it worth trying it with say NPP or tren aceetate? Injecting tren 3x per day might make for a smooth ride.

SubQ cycles everyone. It'll be all the rage with the newbies lol.


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I thought about that, and I had read that some people using HRT test enanthate had been injecting it SQ did suffer from little deposits, but this was because it was oil based and oil would take forever to disperse under the skin. This last batch stings just a tiny bit, but compared to the others I tried its nothing, virtually all of them inflamed into lumps withing about ten minutes and the lumps took weeks to completely disperse. And that was with test volumes of 0.25ml. This batch i've tried 0.5 mL now and aside from the initial light sting, its not inflamed and its been at least 12h. Fingers crossed..

And if it does work, do you think its viable for other gear, assuming that it micronises with the same recipe? In theory it should work, assuming other types of gear dont cause localised inflammation.

And also, considering the massive amount of sites I can choose to inject now, I can give each site plenty of time to rest.

If this works then I can shoot 700mg test a week using 4x daily shots. I'm not sure if its feasable running higher amounts than this unless you like the idea of being a pin cushion lol.


PS. The main carrier is water, so thats going to completely disperse in a matter of minutes not hours right? Leaving the micronised test under the skin?


24h post injection now, no redness or noticeable inflammation. The injection sites are, however, noticeably painful to the touch. If they are still like this tomorrow then its back to the drawing board... Anyone ever tried injecting EO based gear subQ?


yes. I tried Test susp aqueous when i first started, ages ago. Could never get past the lumps/inflammation.

Nothing but IM for me now.



Although if you're looking to cheat at sport i would consider it, it's definitely effective.


MassiveGuns.. what is the advantage to injecting test suspension SubQ? are you able to hit the sites more often or something? im not really seeing the upside here


Assuming you can get a SQ injection that doesn't inflame or irritate, the main advantage is not having to do IM injections. Its a lot quicker and easier prepping for SQ than IM. (At least for me anyway, I like to be as sterile as possible for IM) Also if you are using gear long term, being able to give your IM injection sites a rest is also a big plus, because of scar tissure etc.

For very short estered and unestered gear, you could in theory hit them more than twice a day for less sides, which is about the limit with IM injections and even at that level is a pain in the ass.

For the average user, using long estered gear who does several cycles in their lifetime, there's probably little benefit. Its just a little experiment of mine at the moment.